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A Woman to Serve on Twitter’s Board? Here Are 25 – NYTimes.com

8 Oct

Joanne Bradford

Currently president of the San Francisco Chronicle, her career has spanned old and new media: Demand Media, Yahoo, Microsoft and BusinessWeek.

Margit Wennmachers

A partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm that invested in Twitter, she started and sold a public relations firm and knows tech and marketing inside and out.

Diane Greene

The co-founder and former chief executive of VMware is on the boards of Google and Intuit.

Renée James

The president of Intel helped the company move beyond chips.

Anne Mulcahy

The former chairwoman and chief executive of Xerox rose through the ranks of human resources, customer support and corporate affairs.

Susan Lyne

The chief executive of AOL Brand Group and formerly of Gilt has a career that has spanned magazines, TV, movies and tech.

Wenda Harris Millard

The president of MediaLink, a media and advertising strategy company, was chief sales officer at Yahoo and an executive at DoubleClick, among other media and tech executive roles.

Geraldine Laybourne

The founder of Oxygen Media and former executive at Nickelodeon and Disney-ABC Cable Networks has tech experience on the boards of Electronic Arts, Symantec and Kandu, a tech start-up for children.

Indra Nooyi

The chief executive of PepsiCo also has a background in tech, having run corporate strategy and planning at Motorola.

Angela Ahrendts

The chief executive of Burberry is a branding expert.

Shelly Lazarus

The chairwoman emeritus and former chief executive of Ogilvy & Mather, the advertising agency, has deep expertise in branding and marketing.

Charlotte Beers

Another former Ogilvy & Mather chief executive also worked as an under secretary of state charged with polishing America’s image abroad after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Cindy Gallop

The founder of the United States branch of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the advertising agency, has an unprintable motto that would fit in well in Silicon Valley.

Ann Fudge

The former chairwoman and chief executive of Young & Rubicam Brands, the advertising agency, has deep public-company board experience.

Anne Sweeney

The president of Disney/ABC Television Group, and a chairwoman of Disney Media Networks, is overseeing the transition to digital media.

Lauren Zalaznick

She has free time after recently leaving NBCUniversal, where she worked on digital media, TV and movies.

Diane Nelson

The chief content officer of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and president of DC Entertainment oversees characters like Harry Potter and Superman.

Sherry Lansing

The former chief executive of Paramount Pictures has tech experience on the board of Qualcomm.

Kay Koplovitz

The Founder of USA Network knows the TV business, and also co-founded Springboard Enterprises, a nonprofit for women entrepreneurs.

Judith McHale

The former chief executive of Discovery Communications, which owns the Discovery Channel, was also an under secretary of state and now invests in tech start-ups.

Shonda Rimes

The screenwriter, director and producer who created Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal is also an avid Twitter user.

Ann Moore

Few people know more about publishing than the former chief executive of Time Inc.

Cathie Black

The former president and chairwoman of Hearst Magazines and publisher of USA Today would be a better fit at a digital media company than she was as New York City Schools chancellor.

Cindi Leive

The editor in chief of Glamour has expertise in media, publishing and fashion.

Joanna Coles

The editor in chief of Cosmopolitan understands print media and reaching different audiences.

via A Woman to Serve on Twitter\’s Board? Here Are 25 – NYTimes.com.



Where Are The Boomer Women Working?

29 Sep

Marketplace looks at the labor participation rate and notes that Baby Boomer women are missing from the workforce.  You can listen to the segment on Soundcloud.



Here’s This Thing I Wrote About Women and Self-Promotion – The Cut

26 Sep

Asking women to play like the boys in a male-dominated workplace is one thing. But must we also lean in all over social media? The strategies that have traditionally worked best for women socially — flattery, humility, collaboration — are the antithesis of self-promotion.

In journalism and publishing — where I and many of my friends work — this push-and-pull is conveniently transparent. Many workers are freelancers and the medium (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn) befits their wares (ideas, wordplay, and links). So in trying to sort out my own online identity, I found myself cataloging the ways my peers (mostly women, but also some humblebragging men) evade the social repercussions risked by requisite self-promotion.

The most common is the faux-bashful undersell. A hundred years ago, child laborers in newsboy caps shouted “Extra!”; my female colleagues tweet, “Here’s this little thing I made,” with a link to an article months in the making. Others are more willing to retweet the praise or approval of a boss, colleague, or respected competitor than be their own cheerleaders.

via Here’s This Thing I Wrote About Women and Self-Promotion – The Cut.


Study: Women Get Fewer Game-Changing Leadership Roles

15 Nov

Marissa  Mayer is one of the few. Studies have shown that the representation of women in the senior ranks has been virtually unchanged for years, despite considerable organizational investment in talent management systems. According to a study by Catalyst, women rarely get game changing leadership roles.

via Study: Women Get Fewer Game-Changing Leadership Roles – Christine Silva and Herminia Ibarra – Harvard Business Review.


India: Mobile Technology Empowers Women, Enables Wealth

12 Nov

“Across the board, nobody wants to do accounting,”  said Shivani Siroya, founder and CEO of inVenture, a global credit scoring company. ”It’s difficult or  they’re lazy or they don’t see the purpose.”

Her company, currently working in India, is trying to change that with a product called InSight, an accounting tool that works through SMS to help low-income individuals and business owners do basic accounting and financial tracking. Within 15 days, the tool creates a unique credit score and links qualified users to various financial institutions to help them obtain capital, such as personal loans or insurance.

via Mobile Technology Empowers Women, Enables Wealth | Benevolent Media | Celebrating Storytelling and Design for Good.

Advice From Women Who Have Built Their Dream Careers – Oprah.com

11 Nov

Be Open to Anything”A friend asked if I wanted to do a food trade show with her. I brought a few products with me, not expecting to sell or anything—and suddenly we got all these orders! I had no idea how we were going to package or prepare so much so quickly, but I never say no unless I completely understand why it cant be done. I think how you approach obstacles is a big part of being successful—you cant give up.”—Alisa Barry, Chef and Owner, Bella Cucina Artful Food

via Advice From Women Who Have Built Their Dream Careers – Oprah.com.


Women And The Reverse Pay Gap

14 Dec

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about young career women closing the pay gap in the United States.  What will be the affect culturally in the long term? Right now some women are already downplaying their job. Liza Mundy has written a book, The Richer Sex, How The New Majority Of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love And Family, that will be published in March, and she has documented the following behaviors.

She met high-achieving women who, afraid to put men off, devise strategies to play down their affluence. One woman carries small bills to pay for tips, drinks, parking and other dating expenses rather than whipping out her high-limit credit card.

“Some of these women had learned the hard way that when they went to bars, they were better off lying about what they did — saying that they were a cosmetologist or music teacher rather than a software consultant or lawyer,” Ms. Mundy said.

Are women going to continue to downplay their achievements to get dates and/or married?  It is interesting to note that many African American women have been dealing with this for years and now this issue has grown across all ethnic communities in United States as more women obtain college degrees.