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Without Their Permission, I Nominate These Women Tech Entrepreneurs To Write A Book

8 Oct

I like Alexis Ohanian.  He’s the co-founder of Reddit and a tech activist and entrepreneur. His book, Without Their Permission, is getting a lot of attention.  However there has not been any other women tech entrepreneur who has written a business book/memoir.  Sheryl Sandberg can’t be the sole voice of women in tech.  I nominate these ten women.

  1. Angela Benton (Founder of Black Web 2.0 and NewMe Accelerator)
  2. Rachel Brooks (Founder of CitizenMade)
  3. Soraya Darabi (Founder of Zady, former co-founder of Foodspotting)
  4. Kathryn Finney (Founder of Digital Undivided and The Budget Fashionista)
  5. Heather Hiles (Founder of Pathbrite)
  6. Susan Mernit (Blog Pioneer, Founder of Oakland Local)
  7. Brit Morin (Brit & Co)
  8. Tina Roth Eisenberg (founder of Tattly,  TeuxDeux, Swiss Miss)
  9. Dede Sutton (founder of Clutch Magazine)
  10. Suzanne Xie (founder of Weardrobe, sold it, founder of Hullabalu)

British Columbia Provides Mentoring Program For Female Entrepreneurs

4 Dec

From our neighbors to the North, I read about a great program in British Columbia.

The B.C. government is providing $100,000 in funding to support the fifth and final year of a mentoring program designed to foster female entrepreneurial and small business growth in the province. The money is directed to the Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) which has administered the Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship Mentoring program since 2007.

The program provides one-on-one mentoring, peer mentoring groups and mentor advisory forums to B.C. female entrepreneurs. Graduates are trained to handle the challenges of running a business, as the program provides business development skills, teaches participants to achieve work/life balance, and directs them to business resources.