Where Are The Boomer Women Working?

29 Sep

Marketplace looks at the labor participation rate and notes that Baby Boomer women are missing from the workforce.  You can listen to the segment on Soundcloud.




Here’s This Thing I Wrote About Women and Self-Promotion – The Cut

26 Sep

Asking women to play like the boys in a male-dominated workplace is one thing. But must we also lean in all over social media? The strategies that have traditionally worked best for women socially — flattery, humility, collaboration — are the antithesis of self-promotion.

In journalism and publishing — where I and many of my friends work — this push-and-pull is conveniently transparent. Many workers are freelancers and the medium (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn) befits their wares (ideas, wordplay, and links). So in trying to sort out my own online identity, I found myself cataloging the ways my peers (mostly women, but also some humblebragging men) evade the social repercussions risked by requisite self-promotion.

The most common is the faux-bashful undersell. A hundred years ago, child laborers in newsboy caps shouted “Extra!”; my female colleagues tweet, “Here’s this little thing I made,” with a link to an article months in the making. Others are more willing to retweet the praise or approval of a boss, colleague, or respected competitor than be their own cheerleaders.

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How Women Are Growing Small Business

6 Sep

According to another study by the International Finance Corporation, more than a third of global firms are owned by women. A report by Dow Jones states that successful venture-backed companies in the U.S. had twice the number of women on the founding team. But perhaps the most interesting trend was spotted during an analysis of 350 microfinance institutions in 70 countries: Lending to women is simply less risky than lending to men.

via How Women Are Growing Small Business | Inc.com.


Social Media Are A Women Entrepreneur’s Best Friend |

5 Sep

About 56% of the surveyed female entrepreneurs consider social media tools to be important or very important for their businesses.

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If Spike Lee Can Do It, Then Why Not Maria Pinto?

3 Sep

Maria Pinto's boutique
Photo of Maria Pinto’s Chicago Boutique in 2008.

This may be most high profile fashion Kickstarter projects that I have seen. Maria Pinto’s brand is well known in fashion but will there be enough interest to crowdfund $250K? Timing is everything and launching a Kickstarter for an affordable fashion line near New York Fashion Week is a good idea.

Fashion designer Maria Pinto — famous for dressing first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey — is back with a new, more affordable collection that she plans to launch with the help of an online funding campaign three years after a poor economy forced her close her Chicago boutique.

Pinto is trying to raise $250,000 within 45 days for her M2057 line on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website. According to Kickstarter rules, Pinto won’t get any funding if she doesn’t reach the $250,000 mark within 45 days.

‘It’s just the way of the future,’ Pinto said. ‘I think there’s something here to embrace, the fashion meeting technology.’

via Michelle Obama and Oprah favorite Maria Pinto is relaunching her label post | Mail Online.

Ivanka Trump Poaches Kate Spade’s High-Profile E-Commerce Boss

3 Sep

Ivanka Trump has hired Kate Spade e-commerce bigwig Johanna Murphy as chief marketing officer and head of digital for her self-named apparel and accessories brand.

Murphy will be charged with creating a Web and mobile experience that will bring Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, which up to now has been a wholesale business, direct to consumers. She will also be tasked with coming up with digital integrations if and when the brand opens its own standalone shops.

Murphy’s move, she admits, comes at an odd time; Kate Spade has received much praise recently for, among other things, its new Kate Spade Saturday brand and the partnership it struck up with eBay to allow New York shoppers to literally window shop via store windows that doubled as giant touchscreens.

But after a series of discussions that began with a cold call from Trump, Murphy decided this was an opportunity worth leaving for.

via Ivanka Trump Poaches Kate Spade’s High-Profile E-Commerce Boss – Jason Del Rey – News – AllThingsD.

Women in Business and Tech: A Few Good Links

3 Sep

Pink rose
Good News: Did you know in minority-owned businesses, owners skew younger and female?  I didn’t until I read this report from the Silicon Valley News Journal.

Not So Good News: Black women entrepreneurs are often  single income households or  lack social capital to help get business off the ground.

My take: Single Income households is not the problem but not having enough money  and/or time to get a business off the ground is an obstacle.  A remedy to gaining social capital offline is to network. Go to conferences, attend professional meetups in your industry. I like to check out Lanyrd to see what conferences are happening and who is attending and speaking.  A remedy to gain social capital online is to blog. Show your expertise. Share your business’ story.  Here’s some tips for new bloggers and a reminder for experienced bloggers.

Bottom Line:  Women founders and entrepreneurs matter.