If Spike Lee Can Do It, Then Why Not Maria Pinto?

3 Sep

Maria Pinto's boutique
Photo of Maria Pinto’s Chicago Boutique in 2008.

This may be most high profile fashion Kickstarter projects that I have seen. Maria Pinto’s brand is well known in fashion but will there be enough interest to crowdfund $250K? Timing is everything and launching a Kickstarter for an affordable fashion line near New York Fashion Week is a good idea.

Fashion designer Maria Pinto — famous for dressing first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey — is back with a new, more affordable collection that she plans to launch with the help of an online funding campaign three years after a poor economy forced her close her Chicago boutique.

Pinto is trying to raise $250,000 within 45 days for her M2057 line on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website. According to Kickstarter rules, Pinto won’t get any funding if she doesn’t reach the $250,000 mark within 45 days.

‘It’s just the way of the future,’ Pinto said. ‘I think there’s something here to embrace, the fashion meeting technology.’

via Michelle Obama and Oprah favorite Maria Pinto is relaunching her label post | Mail Online.


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