Women And The Reverse Pay Gap

14 Dec

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about young career women closing the pay gap in the United States.  What will be the affect culturally in the long term? Right now some women are already downplaying their job. Liza Mundy has written a book, The Richer Sex, How The New Majority Of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love And Family, that will be published in March, and she has documented the following behaviors.

She met high-achieving women who, afraid to put men off, devise strategies to play down their affluence. One woman carries small bills to pay for tips, drinks, parking and other dating expenses rather than whipping out her high-limit credit card.

“Some of these women had learned the hard way that when they went to bars, they were better off lying about what they did — saying that they were a cosmetologist or music teacher rather than a software consultant or lawyer,” Ms. Mundy said.

Are women going to continue to downplay their achievements to get dates and/or married?  It is interesting to note that many African American women have been dealing with this for years and now this issue has grown across all ethnic communities in United States as more women obtain college degrees.


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