Three Tips From Women Entrepreneurs

6 Dec

From Women 2.0 website

Here are 3 tips for entrepreneurial women starting high-growth companies:

#1: Think Big

For example, thinking of building a marketplace for dog owners? Instead, think of building a platform for dog owners, parents who walk children on leashes and in strollers, people who like (insert name of esoteric hobby/lifestyle here)… These interests and small cohorts of people are service by what we call “verticals” and this system that can service all these verticals is called a “platform.” If you build a site for a limited group of people, you won’t be able to grow your business to hire all your friends and their friends.

We at Women 2.0 champion high-growth, high-technology companies. What we mean by high-growth is that the sky is the limit and you shouldn’t limit yourself to just creating a product for a small group of people. You can release your alpha/beta product to a small group, but you should always have the vision of conquering the world with your company.

#2: Do Your Homework

Have you read “Business Model Generation?” Know what the gist of “Lean Startup?” Tested your genius idea with some “Customer Development?” Well, you should. If not, use that magical thing called Google to find out what these buzzwords mean — they’re the entrepreneurial terms of the century so don’t be left behind the times! You want to make sure you use the tried and true ways of starting up. For example, Women 2.0 provides daily knowledge on women-led startups — from tips and tricks, to founder stories. Go ahead and subscribe now for your daily inspiration!

#3: Aim To Disrupt

“Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History” is a famous slogan and now a ubiquitous bumper sticker attributed to Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. What this means is to be brave and go after that wild thought in your head — the thought that says “this current way of doing things is broken, and I want to fix it with my startup”


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