Social Media For Women Is More Than Girl Talk

18 Jul

Jessica Faye Carter has posted an excellent article on Mashable about women using social media. I personally found a lot of women are using social media effectively in their career, promoting their own brand, effecting social change and connecting to others.

Jessica gives  some impressive numbers:

. The level of female involvement struck me: of the 87 million women active on the Internet , an estimated 67.5 million women are engaged with social media. And by now you’ve probably heard that women are now the majority of social media users on sites like Facebook , Twitter , and MySpace . This level of engagement indicates that there’s more to the story than just simple enjoyment of social interaction.

She also lists reason why women are using social media:

Today, women are continuing this linguistic innovation by adopting social media, a sort of hybrid of written and spoken language, and a perfect example of the kind of new linguistic form that women flock toward. One reason for women’s interest in social media has to do with its symbolic capital, and what it represents in our culture. As language changes often signify underlying social change (think tutoiement in the French Revolution), people adopting emerging forms of communication like social media, are also embracing the consonant social identities. Social media represents an identity that is modern, connected, and a little bit daring. It’s an identity that is understood to be comfortable with a certain amount of transparency, promotes information, and has a global outlook, as technology crosses geographic boundaries. It is participative in nature, and this opportunity to add new layers to their identities is part of what makes social media so attractive to women.

The other reason is more pragmatic: social media offers benefits and improvements to a woman’s quality of life.

Read the full article which gives key insight and observations.


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