Internet is People Talk: Women In Entrepreneurship

15 Jul

Tuesday evening, I attended Internet is People’s inaugural talk.  The  topic was “Women In Entrepreneurship” and the  discussion was lively, fun and information. Founders Matt Knell  and Kate Miltner’s mission is reveal the personalities behind  the internet.

Moderated by Kate Miltner, the panelists were Alexa Von Tobel (LearnVest), Melanie Notkin (SavvyAuntie), Lindsay Ronga (Cork’d) and Christine Lemke (Sense Networks). All four of the women are founders of the companies they run which is impressive.

Kate asked the founders questions about how they got started, getting VC funding, working with other women and their passions.  Allof the panellists had experience support from the community of women in technology and entrepreneurship. It was a great discussion, and here are some of my tweets.

“If you’re into technology, be a role model.”- @cklemke

“Go out and get rejected a lot” -@cklemke

Advice from @savvyauntie “Keep going.”

“Take your idea for a business outside your family.” Tell it to an objective person.


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