Doing Social Media? Read This

12 Jul

Aliza Sherman from Web Worker Daily gives great tips on how to implement a content strategy to go along with your social media strategy.

First recognize the factors that can make  a implementing a strategy challenging.

  • Lack of consistent platform. Each social network functions in its own way. There isn’t a set of agreed-upon industry standards for marketing or advertising in social networks. Even if there were, every company that develops and hosts a social network sets up their own rules.
  • Emphasis on community. Social networks may reside on websites but they are much more akin to online communities; they’re considered “non-commercial spaces” where marketing is frowned upon. While old-fashioned courtesy still applies, you can’t just “join” any conversation.
  • Users are jaded. We’ve all seen the decline of the banner ad. As web users become even more active as social media users, they are becoming more overwhelmed by marketing messages daily and less likely to click on anything they don’t recognize from anyone whom they don’t know at least peripherally.
  • Users are listening to connections. Increasingly, people are getting their product and service recommendations from their peers, real-life friends, colleagues and even more distantly related social network friends, fans and followers than from ads.

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