Having It All Takes Planning

30 Jun

The Harvard Business Review writes about a new Pew Research study shows that among women with advanced degrees, we actually see significantly higher rates of childbearing over the past ten years. I  can guess that advanced degrees means that the women make more money and can afford fertility treatments if having children at the end of child bearing years.  I remember that my sister telling me that while she was doing her residency “elder pregnancy” was marked on the chart for any woman over 35.

Women are more aware that “having it all” takes planning. It was almost a decade ago that HBR sounded the alarm about the epidemic of childlessness in the female professional ranks. Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s “Executive Women and the Myth of Having It All” claimed too many women were assuming that their personal lives would simply fall into place as they focused their real efforts on career advancement. Perhaps now, having seen enough examples of hard-won achievement and too-late regret — and having read enough articles about off-ramping and on-ramping — women are planning more deliberately for all they want to achieve.


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