Black Women: Misunderstood Consumer, Lost Opportunity To Brands

28 Jun

There is an untapped market that brands have skipped  over–African American women.  They have buying power, influence and they are loyal.

“Most advertisers just don’t get us,” said Sarah Lattimer, president and CEO of Lattimer Communications, an advertising agency specializing in the African American female market. “They don’t understand us. They don’t know how to sell to us, how to talk to us.  They don’t know what makes us make the decisions to purchase or not to purchase their products.”

The vast majority of African-American consumer spending is done by females. Some marketers say 85 cents of every $1 spent by blacks last year was spent at the influence of black females. Others estimate black female buying power at upwards of $565 billion last year alone.  Either way, the buying habits of this group of consumers could well decide the fortunes of many of the world’s largest corporations.

And yet, many companies, unsure of how to target the market, are stumbling in their efforts to reach black women. In effect, a large number of the nation’s 22 million black females are ineffectively served – and corporations are leaving untold billions of dollars in potential profits on the table.

When I read this article from The Atlanta Post this morning. I realized how important is the success of Pepsi We Inpire. I hope other brands will develop smart strategies to advertise to African American women.


2 Responses to “Black Women: Misunderstood Consumer, Lost Opportunity To Brands”

  1. Q June 28, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

    This is a very interesting article. I would like to know exactly how Black women are being disregarded when it comes to advertising, since the dollars spent are so high.

  2. charismaallover June 28, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    They don’t know how to sell to us. I suggest they do a survey of our needs.

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