Working at Home: Top 5 Advantages

2 Sep

So lately I’ve been working at home, which gives me lots of time….at home.  Here’s some of my favorite things about working at home (in no particular order):

  1. Lunch! $10 Midtown deli sandwich and chips replaced by 3 bowls of generic Cocoa Puffs and a banana.
  2. The (more than occasional) TLC break.  Wow, there’s lots of shows about babies.
  3. Housework motivation.  Can’t finish that research?  Vacuuming suddenly looks like a swell activity.
  4. Tracking the number of telemarketing, bill collecting and political calls makes a neat Powerpoint graph.
  5. Save money on personal grooming.  Who needs to wash their hair every day?  Dry clean only suits – out.  Dusty black Tshirts, mismatched socks and gym pants – in.

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