5 Questions: Myra Binstock, Recruiter

22 Mar

myra_portrait.jpgMyra Binstock is the owner of Myra Binstock Legal Search, a search firm specializing in the placement of Intellectual Property attorneys (patent, trademark and copyright).  Myra is a former paralegal whose own career includes years both as an administrative assistant to an Appellate Division Judge and sole paralegal for a Fortune 100 corporation. She understands the working environment of companies and law firms, and knows how to match the right person to the job.  With respect to networking, Myra’s particular interest is in connecting sole practitioners, an area that has been for heretofore neglected. There is a strong need for an active network from which overflow work and mergers can be developed, and she is dedicated to building this market.

1.  How did you get started doing what you do?

I got started in my business 20 years ago when I was looking for a new paralegal job.  I had been working at Ingersoll-Rand Company in Woodcliff Lake, NJ for 10 years and it was getting stale.  I was getting a divorce and my daughter suggested that I might find better opportunities in New York.  So, I had a guy I was dating drive me to a recruiting firm on 42nd Street (right by the lions at the Public Library).  I asked him to wait while I dropped off my resume.  I emerged three hours later!   The firm had made me an offer to be the new  Office Manager and I had accepted.  (Luckily, my friend was still there.)  After learning her business for  a year, I moved to another firm that subsequently went out of business.  At that point, I had been placing intellectual property attorneys and I decided to start my own firm.

2.  What is your biggest joy and what is your biggest headache?

My biggest joy is feeling a sense of accomplishment and being able to make my own business decisions and succeeding.  Before, I was just a cog in a big wheel.  Now, I’m at the helm, and if I make a mistake, I pick myself up, dust myself off and start again.  It gives me a sense of who I am and what I can do.  My biggest headache is the pressure of being in a commission business and learning how to allocate money towards expenses.  There is a definite ebb and flow in my field of work. 


3.  Where do you spend most of your time online (business-wise)?

Most of my time on-line is spent at sites of law firms and corporations I want to call for job orders.   I familiarize myself with what they do and how they work.  And, then I call applicants who, I feel, would  be good for a particular client.  I also spend time on IP-related sites and Linkedin.


4.  What is the one thing, person, service or resource you can’t do without?

I can’t do without a daily game of Scrabble with my daughter on Facebook.  It keeps me close to my family and grounded.  We’ve never gotten along so well before and we can make comments to each other and stay in touch.  I go back to work reinvigorated and feeling renewed.


5.  What do you wish someone had told you the day you started your business?

I don’t wish I had been told anything before I went into this business.  When I was younger, I wanted to be an archeologist.  That wasn’t in the cards.  Now, I view all the things I’ve learned in my business as an adventure to discovering an old relic….. me!


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