5 Questions: Summer Kriegshauser, Chef/Nutrition Coach

2 Mar

me.jpgSummer is a healthy chef, nutrition coach and owner of Summer’s Nutrition Kitchen.  She has been passionate about food and the power to heal her whole life.  She cooks all kinds of food, but specializes in vegan/vegetarian cuisine, along with cooking for people with food allergies, candida, and digestive issues.  Her formal training includes the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts and the Academy of Healing Nutrition.  Summer specializes in making healthy food delicious, fun, and easy.  Summer currently cooks as a private chef and conducts cooking workshops throughout New York City.  She grew up in a small town in rural Nebraska and attended college at Iowa State University before moving to New York.


1.  How did you get started doing what you do?

Since I was in my early teens, I developed an interest in food and specifically the effect it has on the body.  Over time I began researching information about food and health.  It was just very interesting to me and I saw myself change in the process.  I adapted my diet to a more healthy way of eating, and I felt myself getting healthier, happier, I lost weight and many of my allergies went away.  So to me, that was a huge motivation to get into the food and nutrition business because I wanted to share my knowledge with others.  After several years of working in office jobs that I had no interest in, I decided it was time to make my passion my career.  I quit my job, went to culinary school and holistic health counseling school, and began the business I have now.  I created my own business because I was trained in a more alternative way of diet and nutrition coaching (along with the fact that I live that way), and the majority of what is out there is based on conventional nutrition, which I disagree with on several accounts.  However, things are changing, which is great to see.


2.  What is your biggest joy and what is your biggest headache?

My biggest joy is creating my own vision.  My biggest headache is running my vision and taking on the business aspect of it, rather than just being able to work on the creative aspect of it.


3.  Where do you spend most of your time online (business-wise)? 

I did find use the free resources provided by NYC for those starting up a business.   [Ed. Note – there are great city and state resources all over the web.  For locals here in NYC, the most comprehensive I’ve found is here on the NYC website.]


4.   What is the one thing, person, service or resource you can’t do without?

I can’t do without a lot of things.  I think right now it would have to be my IT guy.  It might be different next month.


5.  What do you wish someone had told you the day you started your business?

I did a lot of research before starting my own business and no matter what anyone told me, it was something I needed to experience hands-on because no matter what there are a million things that you come across, some of them you are warned about and some of them you are not.  So I’m not sure if there is any secret bullet of advice that I would have liked to have gotten.


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