5 Questions: Aimee Davison, producer/actor/model

11 Feb


Aimee Davison is an actor and model hailing from Montreal’s West Island.  She studied at the University of Calgary and has been acting and modeling commercially for the last decade.   Always creative and entrepreneurial, Aimee’s modeling career has not been limited to corporate clients, like Lise Watier, French Dressing Jeans and Avon: her self-produced artistic fashion editorials have been published in Maisonneuve Magazine.    

She created Fashion Ambush in the Fall of 2008 as a means to connect the average man or woman with major fashion labels and the experience of editorial photography.


1.   How did you get started doing what you do?

 After working as an actor and a model for nearly a decade, I decided to take my fate into my own hands and start my own web series.  I realized that I had a previously untapped passion for production, so I came up with a series idea, saved up and shot the pilot in September 2008. 


2.  What is your biggest joy and what is your biggest headache?

My biggest joy is performing and interacting with the people that we ambush on the shoot date.  I love getting out there and making my show happen.  I’m a go-getter and a people person! 

My biggest headache is not knowing if the series will attract viewers.  I need an audience for my show, so I can keep producing more videos.


3.  Where do you spend most of your time online (business-wise)?

I usually check my series, Fashion Ambush, on YouTube (several times a day) to see if my numbers have gone up.  I usually celebrate at the 5 view increase mark!. Other than that, and against every artistic grain in my body, I have started writing in HTML to maintain my website.  We are sitll in beta, but man, it is a lot of work to change even the smallest thing.  Maybe I should have listed that as my biggest headache!


4.  What is the one thing, person, service or resource you can’t do without?

I couldn’t do without my partner, Eric and my production team, Moonday Productions.  They have stood by me through all this and continue to help to build the project.


5.  What do you wish someone had told you the day you started your business?

That I would need to have the patience of a saint and the dedication of a monk (albeit a very fashionable one!)



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