ACTION is the key!

5 Feb


Girlfriend can we talk? At the beginning of the year did you make resolutions that you have yet to jump start? You may have said you were going to make more money this year, start a business, get your financial crises RIGHT, etc. February is already here so what is going on..what are you waiting on?

In reality you are not alone. Only 10% of people who make resolutions for the New Year actually stick to them. Challenge yourself, cause you have it in you to be a part of that 10%. Oh yes you do have it in you, push that thing called fear right out of the way. What you need to succeed in your life and business is already inside of you.

Actions are the key to your success. If you start to take action, even small action it will propel you forward. Commit to an action a day that helps you take a step toward your goal There is nothing wrong with taking baby steps to reach your goals.  Nothing is to small of  a step as you venture on your quest for success.  What happens is you will notice that those baby steps become big steps. After the steps you begin to jog, then eventually you running in the direction you want to go.

Dust off that list of resolutions and take a good look at them. Add things to the list or change them if you need to. Now put a deadline next to the resolution. A deadline turns that resolution (dream) into a goal. Knowing that you have a deadline gives you something to shoot for versus a thing that you will get to when you have time.

This is your year to start that new business, get your finances in check, basically it is time to get it together. 2009 is your year to shine! You know it, so own it. Take ACTION today.


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