The Economy Sucks. Let’s Do Something!

29 Jan

In the last few weeks, I have been meeting a lot of folks who are freelancing. Either I am just totally unaware of how many freelancers exist out there or this is a sign of the economic times. No disrespect to freelancers as I am actually one myself and no this is not your standard “In These Economic Times” article.

Whatever it is that you do, let’s face it. You are probably tired of the constant doomsday economic message put out by big media. While it may be true that the economy sucks and yes it probably going to get worse before it gets better, a negative message is not going to get you very far. Rather, use this time regardless of whether not you have a job to refocus your energy on something constructive.

Here are three posts that I’ve enjoyed and can be helpful along the way.

  1. You are reading this blog so you must be somewhat tech savy. Use those skills to make yourself stand out from the crowd by creating a social media resume. Check out Mashable’s HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume. Learning how to set up a simple website to showcase yourself is not difficult and will give you an advantage. Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Start small by building a LinkedIn profile.
  2. The New York Times Shifting Careers Blog can get you thinking about next steps. Their post If You’re Laid Off, or Expecting to Be … is a brief guide on what to expect.
  3. And finally if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, Dennis Crowley’s Rules for Unemployment will give you a lighthearted boost and ideas on how to spend your day.

Just think. There are so many intelligent people floating around in freelance or unemployment limbo waiting to start something. Now is the time for innovation, you can be a part of it and our economy will be the better for it!


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