5 Questions – Nina Kaufman, Attorney/Entrepreneur

26 Jan

Nina Kaufman is an award-winning business attorney, edutainer, and author.  Under her Ask The Business Lawyersm umbrella, she demystifies the confusion and density of business law for thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners with her legal services, professional speaking, information products, and Lex Appeal ezine.  You can find out more about Nina through her websites, AskTheBusinessLawyer and GreatBusinessLawTips. 

  How did you get started doing what you do?

 I had to get off the agony treadmill.  I graduated law school into one of the worst employment markets in recent memory.  Partners were getting pink slips; I was paper-pushing, not getting training in advanced skills (like trial advocacy); I didn’t see women make partner; I was hopeless at the billable hours and office politics games.  I didn’t want to wake up in 10 years time with mo marketable skills or book of business and be told “thanks, but we don’t need you.”  Being a control freak, I wanted control over my destiny.  Thankfully, a mentor and a catalyst entered my life, and the idea of starting my own law practice was born.

What is your biggest joy and what is your biggest headache?

Greatest joy:  having freedom of choice.  I have the flexibility to schedule my day as I choose, work with the clients I like, and have multiple avenues for creative expression.  Greatest headache:  my technology ignorance, and the ramp-up time it takes to get familiar with new programs and platforms.  When technology doesn’t work, neither can I.

Where do you spend most of your time online (business-wise)?

No one place in particular – I troll the Internet looking for stories on small business legal issues for my Entrepreneur magazine columns and blogposts.  I’m glued to my email.

What is the one thing, person, service or resource you can’t do without?

My support team, which includes my husband, and my informal advisory board.  They keep me sane.  They’re my sounding board, cheerleading section, and cattle prod – and don’t hesitate to smack me around when I get down on myself.  Also can’t do without:  the more-than-occasional chocolate chip cookie.

What do you wish someone had told you the day you started your business?

How to build and structure it so that I don’t need to be actively involved ALL the time to ensure it can function.  


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